An oral (or electronic) transaction involving one party buying a security from another party. Once a trade is consummated, it is considered "done" or final. settlement occurs 1-5 business days later. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
A trade is a deal made on the London Stock Exchange. Sometimes referred to as a 'bargain'. London Stock Exchange Glossary
trade ( transaction)
The purchase or sale of a specified number of contracts on the Exchange trading floor made in accordance with Exchange Rules. Chicago Mercantile Exchange Glossary

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I. trade trade 1 [treɪd] noun
1. [uncountable] COMMERCE the activity of buying, selling, or exchanging goods within a country or between countries:

• Trade between Hong Kong and eastern European countries has been very limited.

• Restrictive practices in their home market have given Japanese industries an unfair advantage in international trade.

trade in

• The Reptile Protection Trust wants to ban the trade in pet turtles.

2. [uncountable] ECONOMICS the value of a country's imports and exports, especially when these are compared:

• The statistics on UK trade provided some basis for optimism.

• Hungary's total net trade fell between the last two quarters of the year.

• The new trade figures were released today.

exˌternal ˈtrade [uncountable] ECONOMICS
buying and selling goods and services abroad:

• Luxembourg's external trade increased considerably, reflecting a boost in exports.

ˌfair ˈtrade ECONOMICS
1. [uncountable] a system in which two countries which are trading partner S agree not to charge import taxes on particular goods they buy from each other:

• The EU has fixed a date by which members should comply with its fair trade rules.

2. [uncountable] trading practices that do not restrict the rights of consumers:

• Japan's Fair Trade Commission issued new anti-monopoly guidelines.

• America's fair trade laws

ˌforeign ˈtrade [uncountable] ECONOMICS
trade with other countries:

• China's expanding foreign trade.

ˌfree ˈtrade [uncountable] ECONOMICS
a system in which goods can be bought and sold between countries without any restrictions such as tariff S (= taxes) or quota S (= limits on imports):
free trade with

• Quebec Liberals strongly support free trade with the US.

• an agreement on bilateral free trade (= free trade between two countries ) between Brazil and Venezuela.

• We aim at bringing the Pacific region rapidly into a US-sponsored Free Trade Area, en route to multilateral free trade (= free trade between many countries ) .

ˌinternational ˈtrade [uncountable] ECONOMICS
trade in goods and services between different countries:

• the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

international trade in

• the international trade in information technology

inˌvisible ˈtrade [uncountable] ECONOMICS
trade in services such as tourism and banking:

• Transport represents 12.6% of the world's total invisible trade.

ˌoverseas ˈtrade [uncountable] ECONOMICS
trade with countries abroad:

• The new exporters' organization is intended to help companies get round obstacles to overseas trade.

ˌvisible ˈtrade [uncountable] ECONOMICS
trade with other countries in physical goods not services:

• Exports are booming and forecasters are optimistic about visible trade.

3. the hotel/​banking/​motor etc trade( s) COMMERCE the business done by hotels, banks etc:

• The figures suggest an improvement in the retail trade (= business done by shops ) .

• For years, the building trade was in heavy recession.

4. the rag trade informal the business of making and selling clothes
5. [singular, uncountable] COMMERCE the level of activity in a company, industry etc:

• Trade is very slow at the moment.

• Garden centres do most of their trade at weekends.

• They were doing a brisk trade (= doing a lot of business ) in Christmas trees right up to the 24th.

• The restaurants on Boat Quay were doing a roaring trade (= doing a lot of business ) .

ˌpassing ˈtrade [uncountable] COMMERCE
people who go into a shop, restaurant etc because they happen to see it, rather than being regular customers:

• businesses which rely on passing trade

6. [countable] JOBS a particular job, especially one needing special skills with your hands:

• Similar rates of pay apply in other trades, including carpentry, plumbing and joinery.

7. [countable usually plural, uncountable] FINANCE buying and selling shares, bonds etc on a stock exchange, or an occasion when people do this:

• Shares of the company were down $265 at $693 in morning trade.

• For trades of 2,000 or more shares, the charge will be $60 plus five cents a share.

inˌsider ˈtrade [countable usually plural, uncountable] FINANCE LAW
when someone working at a high level in a company buys or sells shares in the company:

• All insider trades must be reported in the United States.

ˈwash ˌtrade [countable usually plural, uncountable] FINANCE LAW
an occasion when the buyer and seller of shares is the same person or organization. Wash trades are illegal — see also balance of trade, barrier to trade, chamber of trade
  [m0] II. trade trade 2 verb
1. [intransitive, transitive] COMMERCE to buy and sell goods, services etc as part of your business:

• The agreement allows metals and plastics to be traded among 24 countries.

trade in

• They intended to start up a business trading in electronics equipment.

trade with

• These countries can trade with Britain without having to pay import duties.

2. [intransitive] COMMERCE to exist and operate as a business:

• The joint venture will trade under the name of Do It All chain.

• The company currently trades on the American Stock Exchange.

3. [transitive] FINANCE to buy or sell shares, bonds, currencies, Commodities (= oil, metal, farm products) etc:

• 115 million shares were traded, more than 15% of the company's stock.

trade at something phrasal verb [transitive] FINANCE
if shares etc trade at a particular price, that is how much they cost to buy:

• US currency was trading at 1.21 euros, down from Tuesday's close.

trade down phrasal verb [intransitive] MARKETING
to buy cheaper goods that are of poorer quality:

• Consumers aren't trading down in quality, but they are cutting costs in other ways.

trade down to

• The brand's loyalists increasingly traded down to cheaper cigarettes.

trade something ↔ in phrasal verb [transitive]
to give something, such as a car, as part of the payment for something you are buying:

• The Toyota dealer only offered him $4,000 to trade it in.

— see also trade-in
trade something ↔ off phrasal verb [transitive]
to balance two situations against each other in order to get an acceptable result:

• Companies are under pressure to trade off price stability for short-term gains

— see also trade-off
trade up phrasal verb [intransitive] MARKETING
to buy more expensive goods that are of better quality:

• Thousands of small-apartment owners are trading up for more luxurious accommodation.

trade up to

• Home-computer buyers are trading up to machines with more power and speed.

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trade UK US /treɪd/ noun
[U] COMMERCE the buying and selling of goods between people, companies, or countries: trade between sb and sb »

The policy is intended to increase trade between India and southeast Asia.

trade in sth »

The country's trade in manufactured goods has expanded in the last ten years.

a trade body/group »

Leaders of industry trade groups are urging caution in raising oil taxes.


the minister for trade and industry


global/international/regional trade


trade policies/practices


trade concessions/liberalization


trade deals/negotiations/talks

[C] a particular business or industry: »

Members of the building trade have opposed the measure.


the catering/retail/tourist trade


the car/diamond/fur trade

[U] ECONOMICS a country's imports and exports in a particular period: »

Consumer spending slowed down and investment and net trade recovered.


The dollar has been boosted by two months of better American trade figures.

[U] business activity: lose/boost trade »

Many small local shops have lost up to 50% of their trade since the supermarket opened.


Trade is always slow in the winter months.

[C or U] a job, especially one that needs special skill and involves working with your hands: »

He's an electrician by trade.


She wants to go to college and learn a trade.

See Note JOB(Cf. ↑job)
[C or U] a situation in which you exchange something that you own for something that you want: »

Does anyone want to do a trade for my mobile phone?


We have hundreds of CDs available for sale or trade.

[C or U] FINANCE, STOCK MARKET the activity of buying and selling shares, investments, etc. or an occasion when people do this: »

EBS claims to broker about 10,000 trades a day.


afternoon/morning trade was brisk.

do a roaring trade (in sth) — Cf. do a roaring trade in sth
the trade — Cf. the trade
See also BALANCE OF TRADE(Cf. ↑balance of trade), BARRIER TO TRADE(Cf. ↑barrier to trade), CAP AND TRADE(Cf. ↑cap and trade), CARRY TRADE(Cf. ↑carry trade), CHAMBER OF TRADE(Cf. ↑chamber of trade), COUNTERTRADE(Cf. ↑countertrade), DISTRIBUTIVE TRADES(Cf. ↑distributive trades), EXTERNAL TRADE(Cf. ↑external trade), FAIR TRADE(Cf. ↑fair trade), FOREIGN TRADE(Cf. ↑foreign trade), FREE TRADE(Cf. ↑free trade), GLOBAL TRADE(Cf. ↑global trade), INSIDER TRADE(Cf. ↑insider trade), INVISIBLE TRADE(Cf. ↑invisible trade), OVERSEAS TRADE(Cf. ↑overseas trade), PASSING TRADE(Cf. ↑passing trade), THE RAG TRADE(Cf. ↑the rag trade), STOCK-IN-TRADE(Cf. ↑stock-in-trade), TERMS OF TRADE(Cf. ↑terms of trade), VISIBLE TRADE(Cf. ↑visible trade), WASH TRADE(Cf. ↑wash trade)
trade UK US /treɪd/ verb
[I or T] COMMERCE to buy and sell goods or services: be traded between sb and sb »

The plan knocks down tariffs on goods traded between the two countries.

trade with sb »

All councils trade electronically with their suppliers.

trade in sth »

Besides trading in goods, we also trade in services.

to give something that you own as part of the payment for something that you buy, especially a new type of the same product: trade sth for sth »

I traded my car for a new vehicle.

[I] to exist and operate as a business: trade as sth »

The company trades as 'Pioneer Clothing'.


The business traded under the name of College Crackers.


The supermarket ceased trading in 2009.

[I or T] STOCK MARKET, FINANCE to buy and sell shares on a stock market: »

Investors will be offered the choice of three ways to trade.


Around 95,000 long gilt contracts were traded on Liffe today.

[I] FINANCE, STOCK MARKET to be bought and sold on a stock market: »

Only six months ago the shares were trading as high as 35.5p.


Foreign stock markets were trading down about 2%.

[T] to exchange something, or to stop doing or using something and start doing or using something else instead: trade sth for sth »

Most investors would trade a steadily climbing market for a volatile index any day.

[I] US COMMERCE to buy goods or do your shopping at a particular store: »

We don't trade at his store anymore.

See also FAIRLY-TRADED(Cf. ↑fairly-traded), OVERTRADE(Cf. ↑overtrade), PUBLICLY-TRADED(Cf. ↑publicly-traded), TRADE DOWN(Cf. ↑trade down), TRADE STH IN(Cf. ↑trade sth in), TRADE STH OFF(Cf. ↑trade sth off), TRADE UP(Cf. ↑trade up)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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